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Dr. Troy P. Regis

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The Diving Panthers SCUBA Club is sponsored by Dr. Troy P. Regis, the middle school mathematics department head at the International School Bangkok. The club began in 2011 and is designed to certify middle school students and their families. SCUBA is a life-long activity that students will be able to do for many years to come. So we try to get them involved in diving as soon as they are old enough. Currently we have over 50 students and their family members who have achieved at least one certification.

In June 2013 we did our first Project AWARE dive in Koh Tao, Thailand. This is a new component that we added in the second year because we realize that divers are the first line of defense in defending the oceans and helping to support the nautical ecosystem by protecting it. Our dive was a Dive Against Debris event where we collected as much garbage off of the floor of the sea as we could in 3 dives (one day). We also spent some of our down time watching Project AWARE information and sharing ideas about how to protect the oceans. Our liveaboard became a floating classroom, with in class lessons and practical lessons under water. We then sorted and logged all of our debris and discussed ideas about how it had gotten there and what we could do to help stop future poluting.

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