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Alessandro Pinna

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Alessandro Pinna
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We are dive centre based inLa Palma, Canary Islands. We are very concerned about present ocean conditions and we are happy to join the cause. We of course are very sensitive about whales and sharks conservation projects, but also very commetted to work towards a better conservation of our own environment. La palma is a beautiful island within the Canary's, we have a lot of endemic species and great water's conditions which allow us to dive all year round. Temperature of the water never drops below 18 C in winter and never higher than 28C in summer, great visibility as the light of the sun can reach as far as 50 meter deep.

We are concerned because due to people ignorance a lot of species are now in danger of exctinction, fishing unfortunately is very popular among young people and not only, and it is a habit difficolt to change. We would like to make people more sensitive about environmental propblems and make them aware about the damages uncontrolled fishing is causing to our oceans. There are better way to spend time, like diving for example, taking pictures is very rewarding, fishing for fun is not a sport is nonsense and a crime. Stop fishing, start scuba diving! This is our message for the future and a proposition for a better and more aware society.


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