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Natalie Hunt

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Natalie Hunt
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Hi there and welcome to Diving Pro Koh Tao!    

If you are interested in taking a Divemaster, IDC or Instructor Internship program in Thailand to become a PADI diving professional, you have landed on the right web site. I hope I have captured the spirit of the diving community in Koh Tao and the high standard of teaching that Sunshine offers. With attention to detail, small group courses, and a genuine enthusiasm for training new PADI professionals, I can guarantee that you will become a brilliant diving instructor by taking one of Diving Pro Koh Tao courses.  

Included within these programs we aim to further educate divers and non-divers on the need to protect our environment, both above and below the ocean. During the Professional development courses we emphasize the need to teach others through beginner courses so that everyone can participate in preserving our oceans.    

PADI Courses including the distinctive Specialty Course : EMP - Ecological Monitoring Program, Shark Awareness Specialty, Project Aware & Reef Conservation Specialty Course, and Marine Debri Specialty Course, are just a few of the many environmental courses that we teach through Diving Pro Koh Tao.  Along with the theoretical knowledge we include the diving portion for each course (if applicable) and monthly Clean-up dives around Koh Tao to further promote environmental awareness.  Hi there and welcome to Diving Pro Koh Tao!

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