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Lekraj Etwarysing

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Lekraj Etwarysing
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Today, the protection and conservation of the environment are the major issues that have to be tackled. In this fight for the environment, even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference. Therefore, the Eco- Raise society has been founded with the aim of protecting the Mauritian Marine and Terrestrial Biodiversity and Resources. It also has for mission to act as a platform, uniting all NGOs and persons willing to fight for the environment under a single banner. It has been founded in 2011 by five students of the undergraduate course BSc(Hons) Marine Science and Technology, namely, RAMAH Sundy, ETWARYSING Lekraj, HURKOO Revtish, FRANCOIS Ronnie and GUKHOOL Menaka.  


The society has for mission to unite students, professionals, organisations and any person sharing a common vision of a proper sustainable Mauritius.  

Aims of the society:

  •  To regroup all Non-Governmental Organisations or Non-profit societies working for the preservation and conservation of the Mauritius Marine and Terrestrial Biodiversity and Resources;
  •  To work in collaboration with any organization having for aim to promote awareness and sustainable environmental issues;
  •  To contribute to conservation and preservation of environmentally sensitive areas and endangered species;
  •  To introduce new ideas and projects to enhance the condition of our country;
  •  To do all such things that are conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
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