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Elena Dontsova

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Elena Dontsova
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I went through a DSD in 2002 in Sharm el-Sheikh. Immediately after leaving the water, I decided to become a diving instructor. A one month later, I returned to Sharm el Sheikh, to take a course of Open Water. My priority was a Russian instructor, due to insufficient knowledge of English. As a result, my first instructor was the Russian SSI instructor. Diving I liked, but  was some problems with course. Arriving home in St. Piterburg, I became more consciously look for a system of training which would enable me to achieve maximum success in my future profession. Therefore, for further study, I chose the best, in my view, a system of training - PADI. Further their education, I was held at home - in St. Pitersburg, IDC, where I became an instructor took place in St. Pitersburg in 2004.
During training, the instructor, I decided to dedicate my life with diving and open my own dive center in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. As my students develop and grow their demands and their requirements, became obvious to me that I should develop myself as a professional PADI. 

I also see like changing Red Sea. As it was 12 years ago and which has now become. Perishes many corals, appears a lot of garbage. My dive center decided take care of in the places where we dive and conduct courses. On every dive and every course we collect garbage. Also we organize days of cleaning up. Teach our students and divers to love and care for the environment. We observe and study the sharks of the Red Sea and track the emergence of offspring Our dive center Diver's Dreams got the status of 100% AWARE. We have to save this beautiful world, let's do this together. We will teach you how to do it


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