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Eli Beard

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Eli Beard
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I have been diving since 1997 and have experiences in the warm tropical waters of Hawaii and the Florida Keys to the fridgid waters off the coast of Southern Oregon, USA.  Recently spending multiple trips to Southern California, experiencing the broad range of environments from La Jolla north to Santa Barbara, including all the islands of that region. 

My life has been dedicated to business and family.  As those chapters mature, I seek to bring purpose to my greatest love; diving. 

Some of my most aware moments under the surface have been blessed with the sight of every manner of pelagic and marine mammal...all of whom provided me with further insight and drive to make a positive impact on our Oceans and the life that makes its home there. 

Recently acheiving Dive Master status, I soon hope to locate an opportunity to share my interests of Ocean conservation through leadership and education.  Ultimately, finding a way to communicate the disaster that is coral blight currently torturing the shrinking biosphere of the Hawaiian Reefs.  Over the years, I have watched as wonderful locations (around every island, but specifically The Big Island) go from coloful and full of life, to bleached and collapsed systems.

I am interested in connecting with others of similar mind to learn about their experiences and interests. 

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