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Michael Richardson

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Michael Richardson
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Hey there! My name is Michael Richardson, I originally hail from San Diego California. I had the very fortunate pleasure of growing up, in and around the ocean, and I have I been a passionate ocean steward and diver from a very young age. I studied Marine Biology at university, and worked as a marine biologist for years for the University of California system. Mainly working with artificial reef design and implementaion, as well as large scale monitoring programs. Just over two years ago, I decided to change my life, and I moved to Koh Tao Thailand. Here I earned my OWSI and am now currently working on finishing my Master Instructor rating, and eventually my Course Director . I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people from all over the world while I have been here, and have been exposed to many different cultures and opinions. This exposure has broadened my proscpective as a both a conservationist, as well as a teacher. I try to promote conservation daily through education. I have found that changing the ecological perspectives of my students proves to be a powerful and invaluable tool in fosetering a modern and viable sense of environmental awareness and responsibility for our ocean planet. 

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