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Florida Greenman

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Florida Greenman
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Aloha everyone! I'm hoping to connect/contact everyone/anyone who may have info on the enviromental impact of discarded fishing gear,,namely weights like lead sinkers? Ive been scuba/snorkel diving my intire life, and have made it a hobby of mine to recover lead. As of today ive just started my collection up, here on Oahu...Ive recovered over 200 lbs alraedy and am supriswed at how much lead weights there are! I know lead aint good for me in my drinking water, so what does it do to our/my Ocean playground? Im willing to dive till i die if thats what it takes? So if you wanna join me, write me at and lets dive for da kine! Im PADI Open Water Cetified but should be PADI Dive Master by the first? Mahalo for being here Project Aware you all rock!!! Aloha "Florida"