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Fernando M. Garces

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Fernando M. Garces
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I think my life's passion is Scuba Diving, there's no greater feeling than being at the bottom of the sea and behold its marvels. It's a unique experience to feel that freedom, get in touch with your inner self and simply admire the unfathomable immensity of the ocean and all the life it contains.

When I'm not at the sea I like to practice Mountain Biking and when at home my hobbies are playing videogames (a lot), and building/painting my Warhammer & Warhammer 40k armies. I also like to read comics, specially the Top Cow ones (Darkness/Witchblade/Artifacts) and fantasy, horror and sci-fi novels (I´m a huge Lovecraft fan and also got a big collection of Warhammer/40K novels).

I work as Network Security Advisor @ Dell, it´s a nice job and most importantly pays for all my hobbies!

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