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Garry Bateman

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Garry Bateman
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My Quick Bio:

Favorite Dive Location: I really like diving in Sydney - there's wrecks, heaps of abundant reefs, sharks and some awesome spots for photography.

Most Challenging Wreck Dive: The Engine Room, MS Zenobia - Larnaca, Cyprus : Max Depth: 40m - tight spaces, rust and silt disturbed by bubbles, hanging cables, pipes and engine parts. This was a thrilling and challenging deep wreck penetration.

Most Historically Significant Dive: The Labrynth Tour, SS President Coolidge : Max Depth: 40m - amazing penetration from deck to keel, culminating in being given preserved newspapers from the day of sinking to read (in a secret location on the wreck).  It took days to the get the ink off of my skin.  Simply amazing to see an artifact this delicate to be preserved for so long.  I can still remember reading the words in complete clarity...

Most Interesting Training Course: PADI Tec Rec Tec Deep Instructor Development Course. This course was the perfect balance between knowledge, practical application and development of exemplary tec diving skills.  Loved it.  Every Second.

Most Adventurous Dive: Dream Gate Cavern, Yucatan Cenotes, Mexico : Max Depth: 12m  This was my favourite cavern experience, in one of the world's most amazing locations for cave and cavern diving.  The stalictites and stalicmites where in abundance, and the penetration required complete focus and perfect streamlining.  I really enjoyed this experience!

Deepest Technical Dive:  The Caves, Dahab, Egypt : Max Depth: 65m This was an awesome Normoxic Trimix Dive, with a small cavern penetration from 55m to 65m.

My "Previous" Pinnacle Dive: The Arch, Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt : Max Depth: 60m This was a dive that I have spent the last 5 years building my skills and experience to dive safely with confidence.  Another excellent Normoxic Trimix Dive.  Great to tick off of my list!

Most Rewarding Experience in Diving: Teaching my fiancé from Non-Diver to Assistant Instructor, followed by assisting on her Instructor Development Course.  To watch her grow and to be there every step of the way was a once in lifetime experience.  It was both professionally rewarding and personally rewarding to be apart her change in career.

My More Detailed Bio:

I am an enthusiatic and dedicated scuba instructor, who is passionate about conservation of the underwater realm.  I have been involved in many of the beach clean up programs that have been held, in various locations worldwide.

I am a keen technical diver interested in all things deep and dark.  Many of my technical dives have taken me to ship wrecks.  I believe in responsible diving with regard to sunken ship wrecks.  I follow the Project AWARE recommendations for wreck diving, and I feel this is even more important when participating in tec dives - the potential for damage to wrecks could be a lot greater when carrying or staging tanks on or near to them.

I am a responsible instructor who teaches buoyancy, streamlining, weighting and good trim with a bias toward protecting the underwater world that we are visiting.

As a keen underwater photographer I am always trying to learn new techniques and methodologies for being a more AWARE photographer - I then pass this onto my students who are learning digital underwater photography.

I will be organising and leading various Project AWARE activities in the near future.  I want to encourage a responsible attitude to the reduction of marine debris and conservation of all marine animals.  I will affiliate with my local dive centre to try and gain as much traction and attention, when organising these activities.  As such I will be leading Dive Against Debris campaigns and will encourage my students to donate to the foundation to obtain AWARE certification cards. 

I am hoping to build a network of followers using "My Ocean" and other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  The more people who act to make a change, the more likely it will be a lasting change for the benefit of the worlds oceans, forever.

I am also hoping to become a PADI Tec Rec Trimix Instructor and Tec Sidemount Instructor - but my ultimate goal is to become a PADI Course Director, aiming for acceptance to the March 2014 PADI CDTC.  This position would assist me in inspiring more divers and developing PADI Professionals to encourage conservation and action toward protecting the ocean.

Afterall, it is My Ocean, Your Ocean, and Our Ocean and that is something worth fighting to protect.

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