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Norlan Lamb

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Norlan Lamb
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I have been engaged in shark research with University of Miami & State University of New York at Glovers reef offshore Belize for the last 15 years; it is the largest & longest study on sharks of its type in the Caribbean. Much of the research studies take place adjacent our Atolls. As one of only three true coral Atolls in the Western Hemisphere, not just Belize, the protection and preservation of Glovers Reef Atoll Complex is paramount to the local indigenous people of Belize. I am seeking interested dive community members to assist in several new initiatives at Glovers Reef other Atolls and Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. Divers will work with academicians from visiting faculty/students of many disciplines & interests although all have a marine biology focus.

I am a proud PADI member since 1999 & a member of the following agencies/groups;

WFF - World Fishers Forum, International representative body for Small Scale Artisanal fishers.

FSBI - Fisheries Society of the British Isles.

a) Survey & acoustic bouy deployment: Starting 2016 volunteers for sonar buoy placement & maintenance services, setting transects, visual counts of species will be sought.

b) Research on species distribution & location of spawning aggregations:


c) Lionfish and other invasive species location and eradication.

d) Deployment of FADS to increase specie populations, use of BRUV's to study shark fecundity at different sites (as research grows so do the number of sites)

e) Investigate potential for spiny lobster recruitment & species enhancement, densities of Conch and finfish species abundance.

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