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Indian Maritime Foundation (IMF) was established in Pune in 1993 by a group of officers who have served in the Indian Navy and Indian Merchant Marine and other professions. It is a non-profit voluntary organization, registered as a public trust, and its goal is to raise awareness of our oceans and to make our people, especially our younger generation of Indians, sea-minded. We do so by giving lectures in schools / colleges, organizing seminars at a professional level and by engaging in numerous other activities. The IMF has membership from among the maritime professionals as well as the citizenry in India and overseas. Anyone interested in India’s maritime affairs can become a member. We network with several professional nautical organizations overseas, in USA and UK. In order to make our people sea-minded, they need to be told and reminded by us that India can pride itself as a major maritime country, with 7200kms of coastline and island territories, with over 2 million sq kms. of exclusive economic zone in our oceans and, not the least, that India has ancient maritime history as well as heritage dating back thousands of years. For that reason, India has an ocean named after it. One of the major activity of the IMF is organizing the all-India Cleanup under the aegis of 'Ocean Conservancy' Washington, DC. We have been the coordinator for this activity for the past eight years. ICC2011 is planned for 17 Sep 2011
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