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Hippocampus Jayakari

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Hippocampus Jayakari
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I chose the seahorse as my project aware character because they are threatened, a great indicator species, unique and interesting.  The are monogamous (single partner) and they perform a greeting dance for each other first thing in the morning. They give birth to live young that look exactly like the adults, so do not go through a larval stage like other fish.  The male is such a good daddy and broods the young after the female lays her eggs in his pouch, he even gets labour pains just before he releases many tiny little sea horses from his pouch into the water. Funny fish!

The ocean is full of fascinating plants, creatures, complex ecological interrelationships that are so important to a healthy ocean and our survival on this planet.  So much going on in the ocean that scientists do not understand a lot of it yet and are still finding species new to science.  Diving into the ocean to see this is like descending into another world.   I feel recharged and inspired after exploring the ocean and observing sea life. 

With this site I hope to help Project Aware raise awareness and action for the worlds oceans and to share my enthusiasm for sea life with other divers.

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