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James Weller

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James Weller
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I'm a PADI MSDT that has a great love of the ocean. It pains me greatly to see the damage to the reefs and reef life whether by man or natural causes. I recently dove West Palm Beach, FL and had some the best diving in years. The marine life was unbelievable and the sponge and coral were awesome, but the damage to the fan coral and sponges was pretty bad. This I can say, was man inflicted damage. I watched divers kicking and touching everything in site. There was no part of the pre-dive brief that touched on the importance of not disturbing the life on the reef. As well I saw giant Logger Head turtles and witnessed divers touching them and aggravating them. Touching these creatures can pass human carried disease. NOT GOOD!

It has always been my practice as a dive leader and instructor to educate my students and divers I have lead on tours to be aware of their surrounds. Look and enjoy, just don't touch.

Watch your buoyancy and stay off of the bottom to ensure that you don't break of corral that may be 100 years old. This part of reef conservation we have a direct impact on.

We also killed 3 Lion fish and spotted many more. Three is just a drop in the bucket for this invasive species. But if we all take part in the hunt, we can help control their numbers.