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John Vonderlin

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John Vonderlin
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I'm a retired 62 year old scientist/artist whose avocation is marine debris research. Through the chance discovery of an unique coastal phenomena, now called, "Neptune's Vomitorium," I have collected, organized, documented, and stored 50,000 non-buoyant marine debris objects (sinksam) in the last eight years. Researching their identities,  their point sources and the paths they must have followed to arrive  at NV has revealed some previously unknown dynamics of benthic marine debris, as well as the topological/geologic coastal features that cause the episodic, but persisent regurgitative events that occur there. My hope is to recruit divers interested in documenting the offshore feature where the longshore current stores this material between ejective episodes. I'll soon create a series of blog entries relating my understanding of this phenomena, and what I hope to discover from any dives. I'll also provide links to my very large Flickr account that documents NV, my collecting, my collections, and what I've done with them. 

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