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John Kieser is the Environmental Manager for Plastic SA for the coastal provinces.  He received his B Tech Degree in Conservation at the University of Pretoria and earned his spot in the team that eradicated feral cats from Marion Island as part of the Mammal Research Institute.

On return to South Africa he continued his work on islands and specialised in research of island ecology and management.  It is during the time spending on South African and Namibian offshore islands that John’s interest in marine debris pollution formed.

After getting married, he decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to Cape Town where he was offered a position in government to look into monitoring the International Fishing Industry in South Africa with special focus on vessels using drift-net technology.  He was then also instrumental in the outlawing of this fishing method in South African waters.

John has always been passionate about environmental education and moved to a new position where he was the lead in establishing interpretative signage on various topics on the coast, which is still visible as well as projects such as Working for the Coast and the Marine and Coastal Educators Network under the auspices SANCOR, the South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research.

John has been the national coordinator for the International Coastal Cleanup since its inception in South Africa 19 years ago and has started various projects to address the issue of marine debris in his appointment with Plastics SA.

He also leads various projects to mitigate the issue of marine debris at sea.

He currently resides in Noordhoek with his wife Talitha and their daughter Lulu.  Apart from his present position within Plastics SA he still provides his services in his speciality area of problem causing animal control.


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