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Jonas Majvig

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Jonas Majvig
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My name is Jonas Majvig and I am 35 years old. I am permanently living on Koh Tao with my wife and daughter.


I grew up in a small town in Denmark, only 10 minutes from the ocean, so it has always been a big part of my life. When I was 14 years old (1991), my best friend and his parents invited me on trip to Turkie where they had a big custome built 52 foot sail boat. Here i spend many month sailing in between the islands of Turkie and Greece. This trip is without a doubt the reason why I am where am to day and the reason for what I do. Experiencing the open oceans on a boat and to be able explore the untouched wonders above and below the sea level gave me a passion and interest to experience and explore more of the world and it wonders.

After I came home I always felt I needed to leave again, but as many people out there properly has experienced, all of the sudden you are trapped in a life which is all about the job, the house, the car etc. 

One morning in 2004, a friend of mine called while I was at work and asked me if I would like to join him on a one year long dive trip in Asia within the next couple of month. Of cause I said no and returned to my job, but could not stop thinking that this was what I always had dreamt of doing. Later that day I called him back and said "Let's do it". I imeddiately went in to my boss and told him that I would properly not be here in a month or 2.

March 2004 (2 month later), after selling and storing all my personal items, we left on a flight to Thailand.

To make a long story short. Today, 8 years later I am sitting on Koh Tao writting my BIO on PROJECT AWARE's website as the Dive shop manager at Coral Grand Divers on Koh Tao and using my power as a manager to change the way people look at our oceans and the life in them.

People do not need to change their lives like I did to help the plannet. With the internet and social networks of today, you do not even have to leave your office, but you do need to do something if you wish, that you or your family can experience what I have, up until now.

Mother nature is amazing. We need her and she needs us to take care.

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