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Paul Jones

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Paul Jones
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I am a PADI IDCS Instructor and Operations Manager at Dive Downbelow in Sabah, Malaysia. I am proud to say I was the second certified Instructor in the new AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality, after my Course Director. This is such an interesting course that will open your eyes to sharks endangerment - for instance, did you know 8 out of the top 20 shark catching nations are so called 'Westernised Nations', in the UK Shark is commonly used in 'Fish and Chips' and 'Shark Fin' is used to add texture to soup rather than flavour, using standard chicken for the flavour!

I have been involved in many ProjectAWARE events including net removals and beach clean-ups. These events are key to spreading the word and educating local people in the importance of marine conservation. Downbelow involve as many local people as possible to aid in their education. It will take time but eventually the tide will turn in our, and the environments, favour.


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