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Giulia Pavani

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Sooooo... My name is Giulia and I now find myself in the most amazing country doing what I've dreamed to be doing for 20 all my life....

I'm in Australia, I came here to study marine biology on the Gold Coast.

what can I say about myself??.... I have to much to say but the main things and most related to this website are:

all my life i've been in contact with the marine life,

I absolutely love diving, it's like living another life, more quiet and full of colours and no underwater is not corrupted, it's chilled and peaceful...just how it should be on Earth.

I'm a surfer and bodyboarder so I'm most likely always in the Ocean.
I'm also a beachvolley player so again you'll always find me by the ocean.

I'm a on-shore and ocasionally off-shore volunteer for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

I'm currently studying marine biology which i think is the most amazing subject to be apprehending :)

All I can say is..... LOVE AND RESPECT THE OCEAN

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