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Jorge A. Mahauad

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Jorge A. Mahauad
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My name is Jorge A. Mahauad. I am a technical and recreational diving instructor. My passion is underwater exploration. I have devoted my life to exploring and loving the global ocean we live in.


As an executive in a tour company in the Galapagos I learned a lot about natural resources, their use, and conservation and about the challenges that human activities create to the planet. Being a diver I also found the horrors of human predation in the oceans, and how ignorance, greed and overpopulation are destroying a world we have hardly explored, that we barely understand and that we are highly dependable on.

I decided to make a difference. I dedicate my life to training environmentally aware divers that love the ocean and therefore understand their role in conservation. I'm sure that if people discover the ocean they will love it deep enough to take care of what's left of it. One of my goals is to make diving a way of life for more people around the world.

As I progressed in technical diving I realized that my childhood dream of becoming an underwater explorer was very real and quite achievable; I just needed to let my love for adventure flow and to find partners and teammates who understand the risks, complication and pain involved. I think the realistic way to do it is trough innovative business models that support science, conservation and sustainable development. Many challenges lay ahead but that is what exploration is all about. 

What's the story?

My ancestors came to Ecuador from Lebanon and Germany driven by exploration and adventure. One of them was after Atahualpa’s treasure; others wanted to find a new homeland based on William Beebe’s recommendations. They were all moved by curiosity and convinced that they could shape their world the way they wanted.

Probably the greatest influence in my personality is the stories I heard in my day to day life. As a boy, my mother would tell me the most amazing facts about Thor Heierdahl’s expeditions; my grandfather “about the time when Hans Hass brought his rebreathers to the Galapagos” and about how Jacques Cousteau filmed here.

I learned to admire and love nature and exploration by first hand tales of people that was actually there; this made a great difference in my life. Even today I question my grandfather on deep seamounts, underwater caves and historical events, trying to find guidance in the wisdom of an elder native.

I obtained a Business Communications degree in 2005. Since 2003 I work for a family yachting business that does tours around the Islands. In 2008 I moved to Spain. My Master’s degree was completed in 2009 in Communications and Business.

I was always wondered by being underwater. I remember I used to "dive" on my imagination under my desk at school. I did my first SCUBA dive when I was twelve; a friend of mine put a harness on me and pushed me into the water from my grandfather's boat. My first diving course was 8 years afterwards.

I became a diving instructor in 2004 and have been attending international dive events since then. As a kid, I always dreamed of being an underwater explorer and to spend my life in nature. In 2008, I started learning about technical diving as a tool for underwater exploration. I did my first rebreather dive in 2009; At that point I realized my imaginary dives at school were me pretending to use a CCR.

At the moment I'm a PADI / DSAT Mater Instructor and Trimix Instructor. I also teach SDI / TDI and RAID courses in technical and recreational levels. I am an amateur underwater camera man, I do it mainly for documenting what I do. I dive and instruct Evolution + closed circuit rebreather, I’m also a ISC Megalodon diver and love sidemount configuration.

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