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Josh Jess

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Josh Jess
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Im currently a marine science student at University of Hawaii at Hilo. Im also a PADI divemaster and work at a local shop as an AI and tour guide. I was first certified in Monterey, CA at the age of 14, and in December of all months be in Monterey's notorious waters. My step father has been diving for many years, and the family had just booked a trip to the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas in January. Once in Nassau, I dove with Stuarts Cove dive center, and fell in love with warm water. After the trip I continued to dive in Monterey for about a year, and then mother and step father moved our household to San Diego, CA. There I dove La jolla shores and marine room as often as I could. Then at the age of 17, I joined a summer program put on by Broadreach Academic Treks, and went an lived on a catamaran for 1 month in the Grenadine Islands of the Bahamas. I began in Grenada, and crewed the ship all the way to St. Lucia, stopping at all the islands in between. While on the boat I recieved my AOW, 5 specilaties, Rescue Diver and CPR/EFR certs, as well as an imense amount of experience in diving. In 23 days of actual sea time we did 42 dives. Once home I waited very impatiently for my 18th birthday to come in January, and immediatly began my divemaster coarse. I was in my last semester of Highschool and had already been excepted to the University of Hawaii, and all I knew is I wanted a job in diving once I was in Hawaii. It took some time to get in with a shop I actually enjoyed, but in March of this year (2012) I started at the Nautilus Dive Center. Here I have gained so much knowledge of the enviroment, diving, and dealing with being in charge of other divers of all different skill levels. Now in the summer of 2013, I will be traveling to the island of Malapascula in the Philipenes, to do and IDC intership with the Threshar Shark Divers PADI 5 star center. My passion is sharks, and I want to educate divers on the importance of sharks in everyday survival of the sea. I hope to become a shark biologist in the near future.

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