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Scott Bacon

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Scott Bacon
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Malama Na ‘Apapa is a non-profit corporation founded to preserve, sustain and restore valuable coral reef ecosystems locally on Kauai. 

Malama means to care for or take care of and Apapa means the reef flat and corals so put together it means “To care for the coral reefs.”

Some of the activities and things we do to care for the coral reefs include.

In water reef clean ups where we dive and remove large commercial fishing nets that drift onto the coral reefs and get entangled in the coral, Beach clean ups, reef ecology studies, marine biology classes, Scuba certification courses for volunteers, and hopefully in the future coral and fish propagation and turtle husbandry programs.

Coral reefs are home to more than 25% of all marine life. They are the basis of the ocean food chain that supports the larger fish in which millions of people rely on for food and income.  Without healthy coral reefs we would not have beautiful reefs to snorkel and dive at. Our favorite sea creatures such as turtles, sea horses, frog fish, angel fish, lobsters and octopus would disappear. Taking care of the coral reefs has many benefits for everyone.

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