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Julian Rusinek

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Julian Rusinek
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Julian Rusinek is an American open water swimmer in Laguna Beach, California.  He has been a team member on 4 successful 21 mile Catalina Channel swim crossings including a record breaking mixed relay team just this last summer.  He was also a member on a Anacapa Channel 12 mile swim and Santa Cruz Channel 19 mile swim. 

This summer Julian successfully attempted "first ever" solo swim between the Islands of San Miguel and Santa Rosa off the California coast.  This channel has never been attempted before.  Julian was the first and only human to complete this swim in 2 hours 25 minutes 55 seconds.  The water tempature was a chilling 57.9 degrees. 

This channel was a very difficult swim since it has all the dangers of a perfect storm.  Wind, waves, current, cold water, and yes, sharks.  He completed this attempt in only his swimtrunks.  No shark repellent, no escort divers, no wetsuit, nothing to keep him warm or a-float.  SBSCA Channel rules will apply. 

On Sept. 4, 2014 Julian completed a gruling Anacapa channel solo swim during hurricane Norbert in 7 hours 36 minutes 55 seconds.  He was only the 39th sucessful solo swimmer to accomplish this feat. 

As a certified scuba diver since he was 14, Julian has a special love of the ocean and all of its living creatures.  Julian studied Marine Biology at both Orange Coast College and California State University Long Beach.  "I've seen a lot in the past 38 years of diving and swimming in the ocean" says Julian.  "When I met Jacques Cousteau for the first time he told me that there is special balance in our living ocean that can be upset at anytime".  Julian truly believes that.

"I understand the imminent dangers of any open water marathon swim. I also understand that we can live WITH sharks and not have to hunt them into extinction. We need to make a stand now, or there will be nothing left for our children to see.  Swimming with sharks in the open ocean doesn't scare me, but the thought of not ever seeing them again does".

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