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Julien Fortin

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Julien Fortin
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I'm 34 years old, born in France, though I have been living everywhere but in France for the past 15 years - and India is the place I call home. I have a background in engineering, but figured out that teaching Scuba Diving would be more fun. After having worked in the automotive industry, in IT, in web design, in sustainable development, and doing the odd jobs as driver, kindergarden manager, writer or climbing teacher, I therefore became a PADI instructor. I've been diving for close to 12 years, and since I enjoy traveling, have been exploring the underwater world in California, Cambodia, Cuba, France, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand... And taught more than 350 courses in the process. Having worked in the field of sustainable development for several years, with a strong focus on clean energy, environmental work is one of my passions - and I've been regularly participating to Artificial Reef Building and Cleaning Operations in South India, where I now live. Besides teaching pro and tec diving courses, knowing and protecting the ocean that allows me to live my passion is one of my top priorities - and as an instructor, I have the incredible luck to be able to share this passion and this conservation effort with my students.

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