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Zane Frye

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Zane Frye
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I’m the managing partner of the shop, so I’m here every day looking forward to your next visit.
I learned to dive in 1999, and have enjoyed diving in Nassau, Aruba, Costa Rica, the Florida Keys and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’ve had many memorable dive experiences, but nothing beats the quiet, peaceful descent of any dive, just waiting for the next new adventure to rise up and meet you. Whether you’re diving with sharks in the Bahamas, exploring a reef in the Keys or swimming with the manta rays in Costa Rica, diving has a new adventure and something to see for everyone.
I became a dive instructor in 2003. While my Army and civilian careers have included teaching, there’s nothing like teaching someone to dive. Helping you unlock the door to that underwater realm and seeing the reaction on your face as you experience diving for the first time has undoubtedly been my biggest thrill in diving.

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