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Kim Persson

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Kim Persson
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Hello Fellow Project Aware Members!


As you can see on my profile my name is Kim Bellman and at this moment I am 23 years old. One could say that I am in the beginning of my diving career(51 dives AOW) and are doing my outmost to be a successful diver.

I have always been fascinated by the ocean and its creatures. It is, for me, an unexplored world that changes every minute. And what is not more fascinated than to dive around in this world and being "the guest" for a change. Having a feeling of total control of your bouyancy meanwhile you're relaxing at the fullest, almost like your meditating and "free" floating at the same time.


Anyhow,  it is important to protect and care for this world. And I will always do my best to support Project Aware(in my best reach).


Safe Diving out there

Kim Bellman

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