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Krista Dunlop

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Krista Dunlop
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Hello, and welcome to Underwater Odyssey.

My  name is Krista Dunlop. As a professional scuba diver since 1994, I have a unique perspective of the underwater world and the environmental crisis we adults have caused.

When I'm scuba diving and I see a turtle's face mutilated by a boat propeller, or see what was once a beautiful coloured coral reef now bleached white, or see a dolphincalf's tail that has fallen off because it had gotten so tightly wrapped up in a crab trap line ... all that comes to my mind is ... what have we done. Then I find myself clearing my mask ... to wash away my tears.

As a scuba diver, I believe it is my personal responsiblity to be a guardian of our blue planet and to remind children and adults of all that the underwater world has given us ... human survival, beauty and marine animal freindships. This is a cause that I am personally and professionally passionate about.

Through my business communications company, Krista Dunlop & Associates Inc. (, I decided to sponsor a Corporate Environmental Awareness Educational Initiative - Underwater Odyssey - (, as a means to help preserve our blue planet.

Our vision is to shape the young reader's experience so that children can find order, meaning and beauty on our blue planet. We carefully nurture young children's imaginations, providing windows through which they can look into their world and empower them to voice their environmental concerns.

We believe the future of our environmental world rests in the hands of our young children. Through the creation of our Underwater Odyssey publication series, we address our corporate responsibility as their guardians in helping to resolve our present say environmental issues.

A portion of Underwater Odyssey's profits will be directed to the following organizations:

Project AWARE Foundation -

Clearwater Marine Aquarium -

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey to create a Blue Planet Legacy, one we all can be proud of leaving to our children and generations to come.

For the Ocean ... for the children!


Krista Dunlop, PADI Divemaster (DM-207237)

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