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Kristopher Clark

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Kristopher Clark
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Hello all!  My name is Kristopher Clark.  I was born and raised in land locked Champaign, Il.  However, whenever I get the chance, I am in the ocean.  I have a connection with the ocean I can't quite explain but I am sure you all know what am talking about.  I have recently started a nonprofit by the name of Oceans Blue Corp.  OBC's mission is to reduce the amount of marine debris entering the oceans through education and prevention.  Building a community of dedicated individuals, corporations, aquariums, and schools to combat the harm marine debris is causing to the planet, all things on it, and our beautiful oceans.  I incorporated Oceans Blue because I believe serious action needs to be done and done now!!  We believe at Oceans Blue that the most important thing right now is getting the word out to the world of the harm that is happening to the oceans due to marine debris and runoff.  I worked as a patient transporter at a large hospital in my community.  I would transport patients to procedures, exams, etc.  Coming into contact with 20+ I began to wonder how many of these people knew what was going on.  Along coastlines it is pretty clear, but inland places, not so much.  I would have to say only 2 or 3 out of the 20+ I asked daily new what the Pacific Garbage Patch was or the danger the worlds coral reefs are facing.  That is not acceptable and OBC plans to change that!  Check us out at or

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