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Lauren R.

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Hi :-) 

I started scuba when I was 10 years old. Surprisingly enough (wait for this), I got the want to start up from a Wii Game (trust a 10 year old, I know) :D When my mother told me there was an article in the paper about local scuba diving classes, I was really excited, and got signed up ASAP.

Roughly 1 year later, after I'd completed all my written work on the course, I went to Mallorca to complete the training and do my open water dives. I had a refresher dive first though, don't worry! :'D

Ever since that eventful year, I've been hooked on scuba. A total 3 years later, I'm still loving scuba and recommend it to anyone who shows interest :D I guess they must get pretty annoyed with me after a while...but trust me; I don't get annoyed bugging them!

I haven't had much experience yet, but I'm still a keen diver. I really love the activity, but also being a part of this community and having the opportunity to help out with conservation all around the world. I'm seeing things some people will never get to see, and yet learning and helping in the process :-) 



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