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Lee Chamberlain

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I am pleased to support the efforts of Project AWARE. Our oceans are in fact the life giving force that sustain our lives with contributions to every aspect of our lives. From the water we drink to the air we breathe.

I hold certifications as to Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver through PADI, As well I am a full member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, Science Diving. I recently moved to California and cannot wait to become involved in Science Projects here. I headed up two projects in Virginia , one a Wetlands Restoration and River Corridors Remediation Program in Richmond County Virginia, and the other was a state sanctioned and permitted Shipwreck Survey encompassing all of the waters in Virginia from the Atlantic to the Cumberland Plateau in the Southwest Corner of Virginia both of which involved studies of impacts on aquatic and marine ecosystems.

I have instructed seminars in shipwreck diving, underwater recovery of artifacts, nautical archaeology . The role of the diver in preserving and protecting the submerged environment is or should be first and foremost. I have also taught to boat owners as to how to inspect their hulls and safe operation of Hookah Diving. As a rescue diver I was the on call rescue and recovery diver for a small beach community and as well operated a light dive service that recovered everything from false teeth (no joke), engagement rings, boat lift parts as well as various and other sundry items inclusve of submerged boats, lost to mishap.

I love SCUBA and as well Science, I look forward to taking an active role in coral reef and  fish studies,underwater archaeology, environmental programs here in California and other areas. 

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