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Lucas Schmitz

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Lucas Schmitz
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My name is Lucas Schmitz

I am a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, working in Portugal. I discovered my passion for diving in 2002. Since the incredible feeling of breathing under water and the beauty of the under water nature keep fascinating me. When I think of the ocean, there are so many things coming into my mind. I have seen so much allready, but I know that this is nothing compared with what this enorous part of the earth has to offer and what no human being has ever seen. I am also fascinated by the dimension of the ocean and by the importance the ocean has for all the life on earth.

unfortunately humans seem to forget, how important the ocean is and treat it much less respectfull than it would be necessary. That is why I spend a lot of time talking to people and explain thme the interconnection between all the things, like ocean and oxygen, we breath, water and life, plancton and whales, ocean currents and climate etc. I also try to raise attention for the inresponisble treatment of the maritime ressources and the negative effects human activities have on the ocean.

I really love my job. I love introducing people to the ocean, making people happy and see them develope from a nondiver to a diver. I also love meeting different people from all over the world every day and unify them with the love for diving.

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