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I obtained my Open Water Diver license from PADI just last year. In general, I like being out in nature. I come from a beautiful town up in the mountains - ok, more like a crater. But anyone who's been to Taal will have to agree, it's a beautiful place.


I have yet to dive outside the Philippines. Locally, I've done dives in Bohol and Batangas. There are a few other places I am targeting for this year and I'm hoping that I will soon be able to work towards getting and Advanced Open Water license.


Underwater photography, wreck diving and studying marine life interest me.


I hike and I'm also part of a mountaineering group.


Part of my advocacy for the oceans and the seas is the preservation of the biodiversity in our country. I am also hoping that future generations will have the opportunity to experience and see the beauty that our oceans and seas contain - an opportunity that seems to be diminishing with the passing of time.


I would like to contribute my skills, time and energy towards the goal of protecting marine biodiversity. I also hope to be able to teach those who would like to learn diving as well.


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