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Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort

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Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort
Cebu, Philippines (the)
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Exotic is the pioneer dive resort on Malapascua Island in the Philippines. The first dive shop to open on the island in 1998, Exotic has grown over the years and is now the leading dive resort on the island, without compromising its original laid-back charm and outstanding service.

We are a 5-star IDC Resort and Tec-Rec Dive Centre and supporters of Project AWARE.  We offer an array of PADI courses from Discover Scuba Dive through to  comprehensive Divemaster internships.  We are one of the leading IDC facilities in the Philippines and are proud to have the Philippines’ only Platinum status Course Director running our IDCs.

Malapascua offers some of the best diving in South East Asia and is most famous for the thresher shark which frequents a local cleaning station.  Malapascua is reputedly the only place in the world where you can regularly spot these elusive sharks at recreational diver depths.

We offer our own exclusive Thresher Shark Specialty course which is aimed at educating divers about the plight of sharks, the importance of cleaning stations, and how to passively interact with the sharks so as not to disrupt their behaviour or the cleaning station.

Exotic Dive Resort was the pioneer resort in establishing a marine park sanctuary at designated areas around Malapascua.  Our dive staff are actively involved with local organisations and regulators to find ways to minimise the impact that tourism has on the delicate ecosystem.

We are actively involved with local schools to try to educate the children about the importance of their beautiful coral reef system, the importance of proper waste management and recycling.

We take the issue of marine debris very seriously and are working hard to minimise the use of plastics in our company and to reuse and recycle wherever possible.  We have developed our own composting system to make fertilizer using waste food products.  We are continually looking for ways to be more eco-friendly.

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