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Michael Schneider

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Michael Schneider
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The Marine Militia was created after becoming frustrated with the lack of urgency put on the conservation of our oceans. Shark finning, slaughtering of whales, the disgusting slaughter of the beautiful Manta Ray, humans discarding their garbage in our waters (creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans), destruction of coral reefs from natural and unnatural causes.

This movement is not just about scuba diving and life under the surface. This is about education, locally as well as abroad. The Marine Militia will be looking for sponsors, raising money and using our resources to help educate the world and leave newly trained Marine Militia “Soldiers” with the skills and knowledge to continue teaching generations to come.

The Marine Militia will also be working with other organizations helping to pull them all together to become a powerful conservation network from coast to coast and across the world.


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