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Kim Westerlund

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Hi welcome to my profile!

I'm a swedish divemaster, going for instructor. Water has allways been my element, for some reason I feel safe and calm under water. Even though there is a severe lack of oxygen and we're outmasterd by every creature there... exept the spunge.

My biggest fear is not sharks, sharks are a symbol of agillety, power, yes fear and terror but also protection and safekeeping of the ocean. A lot of people tend to forget, we don't protect shit, we wrack it. No my biggest fear is poison, like the most beutifull and mysterious dragonfish. Fucking dragonfish... who needs a dragonfish anyway, seriously if you touch it you die, and you don't just die, you die for a long time. Some guys once asked me how I'd like to die and I aswerd, "I want to drown". That scared the shit out of them and they said, "dude, that takes a long time, why would you want to drown!?". "Well, it only takes about three minutes or so, canser takes years, old age takes a lifetime and motherf*ing dragon-shit-fish takes up to twelv hours. 12h of knowing your gonna die, getting sicker and sicker and just pure crap, because you accidentaly touched it. 

So yea that's a little something about me. Now who are you?

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