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Nathan Burnett

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Nathan Burnett
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Hi my name is Nathan, I live in England and I am currently in my final year of reading Business and Management at University. I am also a keen diver and am an environmentally concious individual. I believe that environmental awareness needs be increased in regards towards the damaging effects that business activities have directly on our oceans as well as the overall damage caused by GHG emissions.

I am currently an Advanced Open Water Diver and am hoping to progress to Divemaster this summer after I graduate. Ideally I would like to be able to do this through some form of a diving internship.

However, rather than train at a resort I would love to be able to intern whilst contributing positively to marine conservation. If there are any Intern programmes which are conservation based or linked to Project Aware that would be fantastic. If anybody knows of any such programmes an email would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, Nathan Burnett

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