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Ernesto Figueora

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Who am I?

well, I'm a guy who started diving as a dare...  A work collegue took his Open Water and dared me to do it, at that time I could never loose. I was the king of the world and I was quite an obnoctious guy. First time in the pool and I got hooked. Now I am an OWSI and I have so much to thank the diving comunity for, as said befor i wasn't the most pleasant guy to be around and I can easy say that the path I've taken to becom an OWSI has helped me to become a better person. I now care for other people, the environment and a lot more joy has come in to my life. So to all you divers I still haven't thanked... Thank you for making my life better!


Dive safe! Ever in Stockholm, Sweden? contact me and I will be happy to come dive with you if I have time for it!