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New Ocean Blue Nonprofit

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New Ocean Blue Nonprofit
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New Ocean Blue was started by high schoolers Kimberly and Megan after realizing how large the issue was. They saw that so much focus was being placed on issues that are too far away for people to fully grasp and not enough was being placed on issues that are in plain sight. Kimberly and Megan saw the tangible connection with the ocean and its influence in their lives as well as others around them.

The organization is here to educate the future generations about the dangers of a plastic ocean. This education proves to be important and crucial in preventing the dangers that are posed to the ocean’s ecosystems, as well as our own. Can you imagine not being able to eat any types of fish due to them all being poisoned from plastic toxins? If no action is taken to eradicate garbage patches, this will become a reality not just an imagination. New Ocean Blue is also committed to converting the human race to reusable material users. With the simple switch of a disposable grocery bag to a reusable bag, the ocean will thank you for sparing it from “drowning” in more plastics. Finding an alternative to plastics will assist New Ocean Blue with its task of stopping the flow of plastics into the ocean. By working together with New Ocean Blue, you will help save the oceans! New Ocean Blue is based out of San Diego, California and holds a 501(c)(3) status.

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