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Nicole Keney

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I've been certified since mid 2001 and was an active diver for 5 years with my dive buddy. Then, she got pregnant and relocated within the next 5 years. I've recently gotten back into the sport and am loving it. I've taken many certification courses with my current dive shop. Since mid-August 2011, I have completed the Rescue, Oxygen O2 Provider and EFR courses. In addition, I re-did my Peak Buoyancy and Underwater Navigation courses. I'm in the midst of finishing my Master Diver Series. All I need to do is complete the Night dive course (2 dives left).

Also, I've went on a dive shop trip in mid-June to Cozumel which was a blast. I almost forgot how much I truly love the ocean and all that it has to offer. I'm getting ready to take another short trip this month to Cozumel with one of my dive buddies. The count down is less than three days away and it will take everything in me to stay focused at work (and not get into vacation mode too soon). LOL.

In addition, I participated in a local area clean-up in New Braunsfel, TX. It's called Trashfest and this event is focused on cleaning up the trash topside and in the water of the Comal River. It was quite an experience diving and cleaning up trash. The water registered at 72 degrees which is much colder water temperature for me. Overall, it was a great feeling to actually to something for the community.

Looking forward to planning a few trips in 2012. My dive shop has already mapped out several destinations. It will all depend on my work schedule, etc.