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Ocean First Divers

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Ocean First Divers
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Ocean First Divers was founded in 2005 to be an advocate for ocean ecosystems in the dive industry by stressing education, conservation and sustainable tourism.

For decades our oceans have been ravaged by pollution, coastal development, over-fishing and global warming. It is impossible to overstate the importance of the health of the ocean and its interconnectedness to all life on the planet. Coral reefs are home to a quarter of all marine species, but bleaching has degraded 25% of all reefs worldwide and another 60% are deemed highly vulnerable. Of the entire scuba diving industry, less than five percent of all dive shops are positioned as eco friendly operations.

Ocean First Divers works closely with environmentalists, non-profit organizations and local communities to help educate and empower a generation that must recognize the importance of maintaining our oceans.

The company has developed a grassroots approach to scuba diving and is looking to take ocean conservation and marine biology education to new levels in order to establish an industry precedent for accountability and preservation. We derive 100% of our electricity from wind power, are in the process of moving towards energy independence and have adopted a carbon-offset program that allowed us to become the world’s first carbon neutral dive shop! We offset all dive travel by investing in renewable energies through the purchase of carbon and forestry credits and we are the only dive shop on the planet to receive PADI’s prestigious Environmental Achievement Award every year since inception. And we’re just getting started!