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Trevor LaClair

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I am currently attending University of Missouri majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife.  I love animals and the outdoors.  I also love to travel.  I would love to spend my life traveling the world, studying and encountering wildlife.  I love to participate in various outdoor activities such as scuba diving, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing and bouldering, caving, filming, ect.

I love being in the water.  When snorkeling, I usually grab a rock or large object and lay in the water as long as I can enjoying my surroundings.  Some of the things I would love to do is explore the Great Barrier Reef, swim with sharks, whales, and manta rays.  I also want to get into a shark cage to observe a Great White Shark and swim along side a Whale Shark.

I love making videos pertaining to wildlife and conservation issues.  I also give various presentations about conservation.  I have also participated in river and stream clean up. 

My goal is to become a host of a wildlife show, encountering animals from sea to air.  I also want to help promot conservation and save endangered species.  There are various environmental issues affecting this planet that few people are aware of.  I wish to tell the world about this planets wildlife.  Animals are my passion.  I currently volunteer at two wildlife sanctuaries and at the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfeild, MO.

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