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John Parker

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John Parker
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Growing up in So CA the ocean is a part of you life from as far back as I can remember. I took my daughter to Maui one year and we went snorkeling and I realized I want to be "down there" not on the surface. I was certified in Jamaica at an all inclusive. Excellent dive instructor, Simon Lines. I've been fortunate to dive well over 100 times, ABC's, Cayman and more, multiple live aboard's (which I loved) and Advanced certification. How can you not resonate with the world under water and enjoy beauty and diversity that is simply astonishing.


I would love to be part of the solution the oceans and it inhabitants are experiencing. To watch the horror of shark finning, the destruction of reefs by the consumption and carelessness of human beings it becomes to hard to just sit there and let the critical environment of the ocean be destroyed and not participate in the solution is unacceptable. Something as small as support an organization, writing letters and helping with cleaning the mess up sounds like a worthy endeavor.

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