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Randy Papineau

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Randy Papineau
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I am Randy Papineau an avid diver and PADI Certified Divemaster.  I have been diving since August of 2010.  Many of my experiences have been in freshwater ecosystems, however I have one trip to Bonaire which I enjoyed a great deal.  I have loved the ocean since childhood and sharks for about as long.  I am a avid aquarist(reef,saltwater fish, freshwater,etc) and my business, Reef and River Aquatics Inc. has allowed me to do what I love and make money at the same time.  My company designs, troubleshoots, and installs interior and exterior waterfeatures along with the care, quarantine and treatment of the animals(including everything from stingrays to corals and tridacnic clams).  Every day that I can get into the water and dive is a good day to me.

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