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Ruud Witte

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My name is Ruud Witte. I was born in 1961 and live together with my lovely girlfriend Hilda in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

In the fall og 1996 I was in Indonesia. On one of the GIli islands, close to Lombok, we went snorkeling. I was so impresses that I forgot the time and got a terrible sunburn besides the superb snorkeling experience.

At that moment I thought, This I need to see close by. Almost one year later, I earned my Open Water certification on Bonaire. In the Netherlands I continued my dive education in the years following up to and including assistant instructor.

End 2000 I decided to quit my job to travel as a dive instructor for a while. Start of 2001 I finished my instructor education in Thailand. From that moment I traveled over the world and worked as an instructor, first in Thailand, later in Turkey, Indonesia and some other exotic places.

After I returned, I did not dive for quite some time. In 2007 I walked in the Divepost divecenter in Zoetermeer. They were looking for an instructor and I was ready to start to teach diving again. This went so well and was so much fun again that I decided to continue my own education. So I became a staff instructor. Since then I staffed a number of IDC´s and currently I am a PADI Master Instructor, aiming to become a Course Director. As a CD, I want to work closely together with Divepost Zoetermeer.

I strongly believe that scuba instructors should be the ambassadors for the conservation of the marine life. The way we fish without any regard for the underwater life is absolutely appalling. The way some people think they can treat shark (e.g. finning) is more than shocking. Together we can make a difference when we let ourselves be heard, and when we set a good example.

Maybe we'll see each other above, or under, water.

Ruud Witte (PADI MI 942094) Witte Duikinstructie

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