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Chris Brown

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Chris Brown
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Reef Seen was the first established dive operator in Pemuteran, founded by Australian Chris Brown in 1992, offering guided dives and PADI courses from absolute beginner upwards. The creation of the dive operation primarily stemmed from Chris’ love of diving but also what he viewed as a needed advocate for the beautiful, yet fragile marine environment here in Pemuteran, Northen Bali.  Reef Seen became the launching ground for several conservation projects both environmental and cultural in nature.

Diving and snorkelling is excellent year round on the reefs here and at nearby Menjangan Island or take the tour to Secret Bay for critters. Reef Seen continues to be very active in marine conservation, working with Reef Gardeners and is home of the Turtle Hatchery protecting and releasing wild sea-turtles. 

The Reef Gardeners are a team of young people recruited from the various fishing organizations in Pemuteran and trained to maintain and protect the reefs of Pemuteran Bay. In 2006, funds were obtained via the AusAID sponsored program called the BRF – Bali Rehabilation Fund – set up by the Australian Government after the Bali Bombs to help create new jobs for the local people.  The Reef Gardeners project was accepted for this program and is now one of the few programs that have continued on long after the initial funds were used up. The young men, all with a passed down knowledge of the sea by previous generations, were trained as scuba divers up to PADI Rescue Diver.  They were then trained in methods of protecting and repairing the coral reefs of the area.  This included the removal of the coral destroying menaces of the Crown of Thorn Starfish ( acanthaster planci ) and the Drupella Shell (Drupella cornus).  At the same time they learnt how to repair broken corals that had been damaged, either by careless boat anchoring, nets, divers as well as natural causes like storms and waves etc.  Much like regular gardeners on land, the Reef Gardeners help the “Underwater Gardens” here to grow better.

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