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Richard Trask

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Richard Trask
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Assistant Instructor. Unfortunately I do not have access to the ocean other than when traveling on vacation so as part of my business I offer underwater habitat construction and restocking of fish. I own Duneland Animal Damage Control and hope in the near future to be able to offer weed control for the area lakes. I prefer to do habitat construction to area lakes that have public access. I recycle used pallats and build them into structures that encourage fish reproduction by adding gravel to the bottoms for spawning. Also it gives a place for light sensative fish to hang out. I live very near Lake Michigan so that is our primary dive site.  Its not nearly as exciting as diving in the ocean but we do have some wreck dives. I think my favorite dive was in Margarita Island Venezuala. The visibility wasn't spectacular but virtually every inch of the bottom was covered with oyster beds, fantastically beautiful sea fans, black coral and giant brain coral (world class size). It was a really great dive especially if your into photography. Saint Lucia was the first time I saw bait balls and christmas tree worms. But its still hard to beat night diving in Cozumel. I have spent way to much time diving the Dominican Republic but I will night dive anywhere any time and its a short flight.