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Rosheen Khan

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Rosheen Khan
UAE, United Arab Emirates (the)
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  Complied data on Hawks-Bay beach famous for “Green turtle breading ground” for one season keeping the count of the mama turtles coming to lay eggs and watch the number of turtles eggs being laid, and number of babies turtles swim out of the shore. The Project supported by “Karachi Scuba Diving Center” (Duration July 2005 till Feb. 2006)


  Participated making underwater documentary about the fragile habitat of Green turtle at Hawks-Bay beach Karachi.


  Worked on Research Project sponsored by WWF- Pakistan, title


“List changes in Bio-diversity of Rocky coast of Buleji Cove

And Sandy Beach of Turtle nesting ground, Hawks Bay”.

Project report was submitted on May 15th 2006.

Successfully completed expedition trip to Jiwani and Astola Island in Balochistan. (Feb. 2006)Jiwani

Exploring the fossilize coral reef on the top of the Plato 200meters above the sea level, a total of 30 different species of the corals were found

Observed the rehabilitation of the mangroves in the Delta of Dasht River supervised by IUCN Jiwani station.

The three high cliff turtle’s beaches protected by WWF-Pakistan, last year only they have released. Over 100,000. Baby turtles in to the sea.

Survey the underwater cost of Jiwani hopping to sea some sort of coral formation but to our surprise, no concentration of corals were found under the sea near (Jiwani harbor, turtle beaches, Turtle watching cliff in the east of Jiwani) but lot of sponges, burgundies, ferns and fans, soft corals some hard corals but small patches grown under the rocks where they were protected by the harsh monsoon weather condition.


The island is situated in the northern Arabian Sea, approximately 25 kilometers off the mainland coast, 40 kilometers East-Southeast of Pasni Harbor, in Balochistan province.

Geographical coordinates:                                                                    25°07'N, 63°52'E

Length approximately                                                                                  6 kilometers

Width approximately                                                                                     500 meters

Altitude: (average and/or max. & min.)                                                              0 - 200 m

The island is subject to strong wave attack during the southwest monsoons, when wave height exceeds 3.5 meters. The coastline therefore suffers from severe erosion and most of the littoral material is lost to the sea.

The island supports some rare and vulnerable species of animals such as endanger species Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and quite possibly critically endanger species Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbracata)

The site is of special value for maintaining the genetic and ecological diversity of the area. The beauty of Astola is that several different ecosystems can be seen on the island. The ecosystems and the plants and animals found there are no longer common elsewhere in Pakistan.

The gorgeous under water world is amazing different forms of cnidarians, Molluscs, Worms, Fishes, Echinoderms, Crustaceans, and other Vertebrates and invertebrates were found in abundance.