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Sarah Han-de-Beaux

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Sarah Han-de-Beaux
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I fell in love with sharks at a young age of about 6 when my dad took me to an aquarium. I was fascinated with the shark's beauty and grace and began collecting shark teeth, posters, stickers and books. When I reached an older age of about 1yrs old I became aware of how my beloved sharks were being hunted for their fins and were being killed as bycatch too as people demanded more and more of the oceans supply. I started telling friends and family what was happening but sadly even with my usually loud voice the message didn't get heard by all. I refused to touch tuna from a young age and warned people of the affects. I now understand that in my lifetime shark numbers have decreased by 90% and a staggering 1 in 5 species is now critically endangered. I feel some responsibility. Why in my life are these beautiful creatures facing extinction? When will people learn the affect that their "medicines", or "delicacies" or cheap fishing methods are costing in the grand scheme of things? Well the good news is that I'm not alone. This site has people with similar views. I hope together our voice will finally be heard before its all too late.