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David Colombo

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David Colombo
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Flying under the sea has long been a dream of mine. At the age of 17 I became certified as a scuba diver. The dream of being a part of the ocean environment became a reality. This certification allowed me to explore the coastal shores of Northern California, Monterey Bay Preserve, the underwater lava tubes and volcanic craters of the Hawaiian Islands, the Florida Keys and the banks of the Grand Cayman Islands. I have swum with the dolphins, and giant Manta Rays, came face to face with green sea turtles, and even met a number of sharks along the way. But in all of these diving experiences there was one lacking component; never enough time or air to continue the experience.
It was at this point that my dream began. I started to develop a design for a 2 man submersible so that I could share the experience with others and spend as much time as I wanted to enjoy our ocean environments. That was 15 years ago, and today that dream is coming to fruition. During this process I have realized that I need to share this experience with others who would ride with me in the submersible, and also possibly have one for their own. Through technology and actual experiences I want to show that by following your dreams, you can become part of the solution; become aware of the issues that face our ocean environments while experiencing the world beneath the waves. The dream has now become my quest that the Flyer will be a tool that will educate, create excitement about the possibilities of design innovation, and take people literally and figuratively to the depths of our oceans to learn about life under the sea and what we can do to protect it. Join me in this quest and support the SeaQuestor Flyer project so that we can venture to a whole new level-down to discover the majesty of the sea together.

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