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Christian Warren Ganser

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Christian Warren Ganser
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I am sure you will agree that there is a plethora of Shark documentaries flighted across the many channels available to viewers. It is then fair to ask what makes mine different? This documentary is the first episode of a series that forms an integral part of a global conservation ethics program. This program will strive to provide ethical reasoning processes to unpack all the relevant facts, so that you the viewer can better understand what is really happening.

On the surface “Shark Central” highlights the drastic change in the behavior of the Great White Shark in False Bay, Cape Town, however the bigger picture will focus specifically on conservation ethics, the human/ animal conflict, and the most important factor: conserving and preserving biodiversity, in this instance the Great white shark.

What is it that has caused this drastic change in the behavior of the White Shark? Well there are many theories, but the one grabbing the attention in the local community as well as leading scientists from all over the world, is a feeling that Shark Cage Diving is responsible. Is this the case or is it an easy scapegoat? Shark Central examines the following questions:

  • Shark Cage Diving is a massive revenue generator for the Western Cape. Has this factor influenced the scientific research in any way?
  • Are the Cage diving operators properly regulated, or are there still illegal practices taking place?
  • Has a viable balance been struck between the safety of the local population and at the same time conserving the Great White Shark.


This documentary is very personal to me as I grew up in False Bay, and even though I now live abroad, I was really shocked when these events unfolded in my hometown and on the very beach where I used to hang out and surf. In addition I am also really excited to introduce Greg Vogt, an international award winning conservation tourism practitioner and conservation education ethicist, with whom I will be co-producing this documentary as part one of a series of documentaries highlighting ethical issues around the human/ animal conflict.

At some stage I am sure you, the general public asks the question, ‘If the Great White Shark becomes extinct, how does it affect me?’ Have you ever considered the fact that the three pillars or components of our existence are ecological, economic and social, highlighting the fact that we all belong to the same system. We are all linked and a collapse in any one of those pillars or components could cause a collapse in the very system you are a part of. Understanding the relevance of a Great White Shark in your life might not be of paramount importance now, however it being an ‘indicator species’ makes this species a gauge, or measure, of the impact your lifestyle on our planet.

By producing “Shark Central”, we will be taking the first step in reaching tens of thousands of people who can make a difference through the Global Conservation Ethics program that is being launched. To influence the collective conscience of our society, we have to begin with one small step in educating people to the facts that they can influence as a general public.

You can help us make Shark Central a reality by backing our crowd-funding project on Indigogo.


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